Beach House Basement #1 – Before

We started the basement remodel in 2016. I’ve taken a lot of pictures but didn’t stay on top of blogging the project. So this series begins with a number catch-up posts.

Here is the basement floor plan as it was, at about 650 square feet total…

Image 2017-05-19 - 2870

The bedroom/bonus space:

The garage:

The laundry:

Image 2017-05-19 - 2869

While the photos look OK, here are the major problems it had…

  1. The space was very musty and damp. It had obviously been flooded a few times. When it rained the carpet in the bedroom area became wet.
  2. The wooden part of the walls were below grade on the sides of the house, so water flowed in and there was some rot.
  3. The plumbing was badly corroded and choked off by sediment.
  4. The wiring was spaghetti.
  5. The windows leaked water and air in.
  6. The workmanship was poor all over.
  7. The circulation through the basement was via the laundry.
  8. The egress was not legal or safe. The window sills were way too high.

So almost everything had to come out.


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