Table Saw Cart

I built this simple cart for my table saw this weekend. It’s made from part of a sheet of OSB, some 1 x 2 slats of scrap wood, and 4″ casters. It going to hold table saw jigs, blades, and so on. 

This cart might just a be a prototype that I throw away when I build something better, or it could be a long-term fixture in my shop. 

I found that’s hard to know what I want until I have something to compare it to. So rather than make something nicer – and more expensive – I go as cheap as possible to get a working model. About half the time the cheap version is the final one, and sometimes I make something more refined. I think I’ll use it until the end of the year, then decide. 

This cost $10 for the sheet of OSB, $2 for a 2×4 for the slats, and $16 for the casters. I’ll reuse the casters no matter what I choose to do, so the real prototype cost is $12. 

I’m building another one for the other side for drills and general tools – next blog post. 


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