Free Used Fence Boards

A friend of mine replaced his cedar fence, and of course I can’t say no to free wood. I ended up with about 100 linear feet of panels.


Both the tops and bottoms of the boards had some rot, and the boards were splitting when I pulled them from the rails, so I decided to just cut them off and keep the centers. The cut-offs will feed my wood stove for a couple of months this winter, so nothing goes to waste.


The centers are about 40″ long, and almost all of them are in good shape.


Here’s what the typical grain looks like – a nice weathered gray with a pronounced pattern.


A couple of the boards had this really interesting pattern. The board here is actually smooth, all of that cross-grain is in the wood. I pulled these out for some special project I’ll think up later.


Now that I have all of this, what and I going to do with it? It will go in the beach house basement as an accent wall like this…


Time and Money

Cost: Free

Time: About 3 hours to harvest the wood


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