Beach House Kitchen – Done


The kitchen is done, and we are moved back in and using it.


Here’s the pano view. I really like the “X” patterns on the doors. Thanks to Becky for wanting that detail.


I’m glad I sprung for the granite counter next to the stove.


Here’s a view looking straight in with the fridge in the background.


Time and Money

We did this is just two months, start to finish. I think in that time we did five 3 or 4 day weekends – about 16 full work days at the house. I also spent about 40 hours building the cabinets and counter tops.

The materials costs ended up being $4,900 – call it 5K. I’m really happy with what we got for that price. Here are the top costs and few notes:

  • Cabinets materials: $950 – wood, doors, slides, knobs. I overbought by about 25% – I’ll use that material in the pantry remodel.
  • Granite counter: $450. This was a remnant on super discount. Normal cost would be about $1200 or more.
  • Framing lumber and underlayment: $300
  • Window: $250
  • Tempered glass for upper cabinets – $240
  • Back splash tile – $210
  • Ship lap – $200
  • Faucet – $175

Here is my attempt to put a value on it. Online estimates range from about $20K to $25 for a comparable remodel. So I’ll assume $20K value add. With $5K for materials, that leaves $15K for labor. I’ll guess 21 days labor for 168 hours, giving about $90 an hour value add – pretty good as far I’m concerned.

Lessons Learned

In summary, I’m very happy with the results. There is nothing in the design I would change. I think everything came together without significant problems.

I would have demo’ed out the floor along with everything else if I did it again. I though the surface would be OK, but it wasn’t. I should have inspected it a bit closer at the start. It would have saved me a couple of hours.

I took the time to move the saws and workbench out on the deck outside the kitchen, saving me a ton of trips up and down the stairs. I’m glad I did it.


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