Beach House Kitchen – Moving In

After a few weeks away we were back down at the beach, finishing up the kitchen details and moving everything back in.

Image 2016-08-12 - 1974

We painted and hung the open shelves. They needs to cure for at least a few days before putting the dishes on them. And of course the all-important coffee maker is back where it belongs.

Image 2016-08-12 - 1978

I had 3 extra brackets, so I decided to add quarter-circle shelves on the other side. A vintage look that I think goes well with the rest of the kitchen.

Image 2016-08-12 - 1975

My DW started decorating with cookbooks and jars of shells.

Image 2016-08-12 - 1976

What’s left to do? Just a few details…

  • Hang a few hooks
  • Trim out the dining room side of the opening
  • Build and install a sliding door between the kitchen and laundry (that will be a couple more posts)

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