X-Brace Console Table

I built this console table for our front porch out of  rough-sawn pine.

I used a 5″ wire wheel from Harbor Freight to clean and smooth the surface, then a final sanding with 80 grit. I strongly suggest using the wire wheel outside. It does a nice job in preserving the rough surface texture, but it creates a lot dust and particles.

The construction is very basic, using hidden and pocket screws.

Image 2016-08-09 - 1961

I stained the piece with a combination of walnut and gray stain. I wanted the weathered look, and I think I achieved it.  After staining, I sealed it with an organic outdoor wood sealer. I’m not sure what it was, since I bought it for $5 a gallon at the Habit for Humanity Restore. It’s mainly under cover, so I didn’t need to be too picky.

Image 2016-08-09 - 1962

Time and Money

I spent $5 for the sealer, that’s it. The pine was given to me by a friend from work. He was planning on stopping woodworking, and gave me about 500 board-feet of it for nothing.

This took a couple of days to complete. The only part that takes precision is where the X-braces cross – the dados need to be accurate. I did trial pieces using scrap wood until I got it right, then I cut the final ones.

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