Recommendation: Sanding Pads from Cripe Distributing

I have no relationship with Cripe Distributing and I’m not being compensated for this post. I just like what I received.

Image 2016-07-14 - 1894I hate buying consumable things like sandpaper, drill bits and screws when I need them. If I have to get these from a big-box store, I’ll end up paying multiple times what I would if I planed ahead and bought them in bulk.

I ran out of detail sanding pads during my last project, and had to buy a package of 5 pads from HD for $6 – over $1 per sheet. I’m glad they carry them, but I don’t want to pay that amount all the time.

I found Cripe Distributing on ebay. They sell surplus / close-out items, mainly for wood and metal working.

They had these detail sanding pads at $3.25 for 25 of them, plus shipping. I bought 4 packages of different grits and ended up paying a total of $22 (including shipping) for 100 pieces – a quarter of the cost of going to the store. Also, each Craftsman pad come with two extra diamond sanding tips, so I’m going to get double the use compared to the typical triangle tips.

I’ve used a few, and so far the quality is great. I put my second order in with Cripe for sanding belts and Bosch jig saw blades – same good delivery and quality.


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