Garage Door Upgrade

Posting a project from the past…

We resided our house, upgrading it from a 70’s ranch to more of a craftsman style. The raised panels, while nice quality, no longer matched well.

Image 2016-07-02 - 1836

So one-by-one, we pulled out the raised panels and replaced them with tongue-and-groove boards we brought from BMR. Since the they are short, we used the most economical ones that had a few defects that we cut out.

The pieces are glued and stapled on the edges, and they have held up well.

We left the top row open for windows.

Image 2016-07-02 - 1838

Here is the final product: much more craftsman and a lot less disco. This took a weekend to do, not including painting.

Image 2016-07-02 - 1839

We reused the old garage panels, made of redwood, to make kitchen cabinets for out vacation house.

Time and Money – $270 / 2 days

  • $50 for the tongue-and-grove
  • $200 for the tempered glass
  • $20 for construction adhesive and silicone caulk
  • 2 days for my son and me, at a moderate pace


We’ve had this in place for about three years, and I still really like like it. There were no issues with replacing the panels. I did end up caulking the edges, where the boards meet the frame, just to ensure rain would stay out.

For new wood doors it costs over $2500 for this size. Metal ones that look like wood carriage doors start at $1500.

The door is not insulated, which would be an advantage of buying new. It’s not a big issue for us – Portland, Oregon temperatures are fairly mild all year. If  I ever get really motivated, I’ll buy some rigid foam and glue it to the inside of the panels.


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