SawStop for the Workshop

After thinking about it for a long time, I finally bought a new table saw for the workshop. I decided to go with a premium model: SawStop.

My 20-year old Craftsman still runs, but has it’s drawbacks. Sometimes the motor has trouble starting – I think it needs a new capacitor, which is an easy fix. The big problem is that the fence is a pain and doesn’t stay aligned. Time to upgrade.

I picked the SawStop up yesterday and brought the pieces in the shop. This model is the contractor series with a 36″ fence upgrade.

Image 2016-06-18 - 1726

My son wasn’t home, so I had to lug this thing in the shop by myself. The total weight is 310 lbs. I’m not sure what table unit weights, but it took pretty much all I had to carry it in by myself. The hand-truck would have helped a lot, but it’s down at the beach.

A quick point on costs:

This saw cost $1800 at Woodcraft. There are a few dealers in the Portland area that sell SawStop, but all the others have an extra $150 freight charge, even if you pick it up from the store. Woodcraft only applies a charge for delivery to your house.

Image 2016-06-18 - 1727

I happen to live less than five miles from the SawStop factory, and I was hoping to be able to get it direct, maybe for a discount. I contacted the factory, and they said that I had to buy it from a dealer. They suggested Woodcraft, since it was 7 miles from my house. They were very nice about my inquiry – it never hurts to ask.


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