Beach House Kitchen – Plan

As I noted in my last post, this is the original kitchen layout.

Image 2016-06-17 - 1721

Here’s the new layout, including the updated laundry and small bathroom. We did these before the kitchen – it made sense for running the new plumbing, electric and heating.

Image 2016-06-17 - 1722

The changes aren’t huge, but we think they will have a lot of impact.

  • Open the doorway to the dining room and add a small cabinet bar
  • Move the refrigerator forward and use that space to allow a small laundry next to the kitchen. Add a sliding door.
  • Larger window
  • New cabinets
  • Apron sink
  • New walls and ceiling in ship lap
  • New tile floor
  • All new plumbing and electric
  • Run heating lines up the wall to supply the upstairs bedroom – there’s no heat there now.

Here are the detailed plans. We are mixing open shelves and cabinets.

Image 2016-06-17 - 1723

Image 2016-06-17 - 1724

This is the inspiration photo. The colors will be different, but this is the concept:

Image 2016-06-17 - 1725.jpg


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